Business, Politics and Religion Don’t Mix

Business, Politics, Religion Don't MIx

I’ve been off the radar for a bit for a couple of reasons. The main one is my husband’s back surgery – he’s recovering nicely, thank you! The other is the elections and politics and the inevitable fallout.

One of the rules I’ve always followed is that I don’t mix politics and religion with business. For some reason, knowing someone’s leanings in either of those realms tends to taint my view of them. I don’t ever mean for it to do so but it does seem to work that way.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

My philosophy on religion and politics, politics more so, is that unless someone asks me a direct question I can’t easily sidestep, I don’t tell them my leanings. I’m not hiding, I’m not ashamed – I just don’t think it’s anyone else’s business.

I prefer to operate in a judgement free zone. And once people know how you feel on these two subjects, judgments inevitably occur. Relationships deteriorate, or sometimes strengthen. It all depends on the person and their thoughts.

Not Worth the Risk

Since you can’t predict how someone will react when you announce your views, is it worth the risk of alienating your clients? Your co-workers? Your management?

My decision on this was no – it’s not worth the risk unless and until you know someone very, very well. Very well.

Even making a comment on someone else’s statement can be risky. I once was called to the Human Resources department not because I said anything about my own views, but because someone took a casual remark in through their own filters and decided I was harassing them. It was quickly resolved, but still, it proves my point.


In our current atmosphere here in the U.S., keeping quiet is the only logical business decision. You want to be able to work with these people once all the furor has died down, right?

Then, keep it zipped….or be prepared for the consequences.

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