In Appreciation of Home Caregivers and Working Parents

In Appreciation of Home Caregivers and Working Parents

Since my husband has been off work for several months, resulting in back surgery last week, I can honestly say  I have a great appreciation for people that regularly care for, organize, plan for, feed, etc. others.

Let’s start close to home.

Kudos to My Step-Mother!

My father died of complications of diabetes. My step-mother left her job early to stay home and help care for him. I honestly don’t know how many years she did this – at least 7. He had his ups and downs as far as health, ending up on dialysis for a number of years, one foot amputated with a prosthetic, numerous hospitalizations, etc. My husband and I were relief care givers that came up to ‘daddy-sit’ as my dad put it for a weekend or a week. But Jennifer handled it ALL THE TIME.

After doing this for a few months, I can honestly say I have absolutely no idea how she did this for years on end. Now, Dad was not completely helpless by any stretch. He fed himself and that sort of thing. But she did all the cleaning, cooking, and toward the end most of the yard work as well. We, and my step-brother and his family, came in to help as we could. Again, Jennifer was there full time.

Jennifer – I appreciate you like never before. I admire your tenacity in the face of Dad’s moods and attitudes. I stand in awe.

Same to my Aunt!

My father’s sister has a similar situation. She has been taking care of my uncle for a number of years with advancing Parkinson’s and a number of other issues. He is much less self sufficient than my father. My aunt has some help that comes in, and her family is a HUGE help. Plus her church family pitches in.

The really amazing part of this is that my aunt is 81. Yes, 81 and being a full time caregiver, successfully. Smart enough to know when she needs help, and stubborn enough to do everything she can for him.

Aunt Barb – you (and my dad) have always amazed me with the amount of energy you have and that you freely give you to your family. Uncle Dale is very, very lucky to have chosen you.

Working Parents Are Awesome!

Let me start by saying I have no kids and have always been in awe of people that can work, have kids and not completely implode normally, much less when life throws curveballs.

I cannot imagine the commitment needed to KNOW you are going to have this job, full time, for 18+ years. The mind boggles.

Keeping track of my own items, plus my husbands, is overwhelming enough. Multiply that by a number of kids, and possibly older parents to care for – unbelievable.

Me ‘at’s off to all of you! A particular note is to my friend Debbie. She’s survived a lot of personal strife lately, big upheavals at work, plus her normal duties as theater mom with aplomb. Just wow!


Whenever you think you have it bad, or are overwhelmed, stop and think. There is ALWAYS someone in a worse position handling the whole thing wonderfully. Then take a deep breath, and pick one thing to do. Just one. Even a small one. When that’s done, take a deep breath and pick one more.

Yea, I know, easier said than done. I never seem to get to the end of my to-do list anymore. To that I say, so what? It’ll be there tomorrow. The important things will float to the top and the really unnecessary things will fall off the bottom.


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