What I Discovered Working In a Hospital

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My husband has made it home for the remainder of his recovery – dealing with that will be the subject of future posts I’m sure! This is about the hospital visit itself.

He was there for 6 days. Obviously any recording I did was before or after the hospital visit. And of course, nothing got done the day of the surgery.

Once he was recovering, I found I could do somethings as long as it was something I could pick up and put down quickly.

1. Email

Doing email on the go is a given. It’s easy to do and the hospital had wifi, not great, but included in the price of admission.

I did discover a snafu – the Gmail app doesn’t allow me to use my nice signature that includes links to my voice over demos. That is a problem. In order to be able to send out marketing emails, I had to lug in my full laptop. Eventually I’ll be looking for another email solution with a better mobile option due to that. The use of VoiceZam as a marketing tool is a biggie in my opinion.

At any rate, I was able to answer emails, clean out my inbox and get some things done.

2. To Do Lists

I’ve rediscovered Trello during our hospital sojourn. It’s great for making lists and gathering facts for follow up and probably things I haven’t thought of yet.

My main use is lists. A list of what my husband requested to be brought from home. A list of all the fall tasks that need to be done that he will be unable to do. A list of follow up items for my next meeting. A list of follow up items in my accounting system.

You get the idea.

Trello has a great mobile app which is the primary reason I use it. Easy to use, easy to rearrange items, easy to add links or images or whatever for documentation.

3. Update CRM

Once I dragged my laptop in, I spent time adding all those business cards I collected at Chamber of Commerce meetings to my CRM. I add the information, notes about the person and where I met them, etc. I ashamed to say I waited long enough to enter some that I don’t remember a lot. Lesson relearned – enter them right away! But not remember doesn’t exempt them from my list. It just makes the contact a little less personal.


I had two choices while sitting there helping my husband and running interference with the hospital staff. I could sit there and complain that I wasn’t getting a lot of auditions done. Or I could do the things I could do and get over it.

I chose to be at least somewhat productive.

What will you chose the next time you have a major interruption in your routine?

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