Make a mistake? Get over yourself!

Get Over Yourself

Okay, you made a decision and did something that didn’t turn out so well. Even better, other people saw or noticed. Crap.

The only thing you can do is get over yourself. Yea, I know – easier said than done. It’s a work in progress for most of us.

Other People Don’t Care

I don’t mean your friends or relatives. I mean acquaintances and everyone else. Really, your mistake, unless of earth shattering proportions, probably left their minds 10 minutes after it happened, if it stayed for that long.

The only person that is going to remember it is you. And  you need to let it go……. (queue Frozen ‘Let It Go’ song…).

Be Like the Other People

So if everyone else can let it go, you need to too. Beating yourself up over it isn’t doing anything good. In fact, it’s reinforcing the mistake in your head. Stop it!

Here’s some ideas to try and drive it outta your head:

  • Review all the things you’ve done right, over and over if need be, until you let this one go. Ya gotta.
  • Call or skype one of your BFFs and let them tell you how great you are and all the accomplishments and progress you’ve made.
  • Call, skype or email a business associate for the same reason.
  • Read client feedback – good only!
  • Last resort, imagine the world if EVERYONE knew you did this horrid thing. What would really happen? Would the earth stand still? Would you get divorced? Would your business fold? Hmm…no? Maybe it’s really not as bad as you think.


Not that any of this is easy. I made a doozy recently and that’s where this blog came from. I’ve been beating on myself (you should have known better, what were you thinking, etc.).

Serious last resort – ice cream always helps!

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